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HTML Definitive Answers

There are two books always within immediate reach on my computer desk; one is a dictionary, the other is HTML & XHTML: The Definitive Guide by Chuck Musciano & Bill Kennedy. Following publisher O’Reilly & Associates, Inc. tradition of animal line-art for the covers, this is the koala book. I have no idea why, unless […]

Web Hosting Hub Review

WebHostingHub Review Operating out of the US, WebHostingHub is a subsidiary of Inmotion Hosting targeted at small and medium scale business owners. They have been in business since 1995 and specialize in providing hosting solutions through a number of brands to targeted customers. Inmotion brands include Inmotion Hosting and WebHostingHub, these brands have been created to specifically cater […]

Making It Big – Large Background Images

There’s no good layout with a page background that isn’t a good layout without a page background. And since different browsers handle background image positioning differently, there’s additional work in building the page. But while you should avoid complex, patterned backgrounds like the tap water in Chihuahua, there are times when a large page background image […]

Style Sheets for the Terminally Impatient

Okay, you say you want your pages to look good, but hate coding font styles over and over and over? Well, welcome to the external style sheet. The large majority of browsers support cascading style sheets. There are three ways to add style attributes to a tag under the current HTML and XHTML standards: inline […]

A Voice for Writers and Speakers – WriterSpeaker.com

Don’t let the awkward title discourage you from checking out WriterSpeaker.com: Internet Research and Marketing for Writers and Speakers. Normally I skip online research books because so many are out of date or lack substance, but WriterSpeaker.com surprised me with resources I never knew existed. The book covers the business and promotional potential of the […]