A Web Host That Will Rock Your Web Presence – A2Hosting

It is very easy to start a website nowadays. It has never been so easy as it is today. We have an abundance when it comes to web hosting companies and related resources – bandwidth, storage space, CPU power. We would think that this really makes the whole process of going online more simple but instead it has another effect – it is quite overwhelming to make a difference between the providers when of course all of them pay the nicest picture about themselves thus trying to persuade us that they are the one that we should deal with.

When I started my websites back in the day it was easy because I had someone near me who knew this field and helped me in everything but those who are newcomers I think they have a hard time picking the right web host. Today we will jumpstart this process by suggesting a great alternative – A2Hosting.

A+ Support

This provider is top-notch in all crucial areas. Let’s take support for example. I find it really annoying when I have to wait fifteen minutes to be able to contact a web host via live chat. It’s just not right, that’s not what I pay for. But when you host with A2Hosting, you won’t meet this phenomenon. On average, I wait one and half minutes after I contact them via live chat. I find this awesome compared to the fifteen minutes. And of course I should also mention that the support guys on the other end are not from Asia. Not that I have somehting against them, but I had occasions with other hosts when their English was not really there and we were having a hard time understanding eachother.

I could ramble about this provider all day, but instead I’ll give you the link to an A2Hosting review in which you will find all the details you might want to know.

The only issue

In the review that I pointed out above the only negative that they come up with is pricing. They say it’s too expensive. Yeah, we can say that generally they are a little bit more expensive compared to their competitors, but I don’t think that this is a negative.

We should not look at prices but value instead.

A good example are cars. Both the cheap and the expensive car will get us where we want to get, but one will provide us more security, speed and comfort. The same is true to web hosting. If we want to have a good nights sleep and not worry about whether my website will be hacked or whether it will be down for hours, we have to pay the price.

In reality there is no such thing as a free lunch, we get what we pay for.

Lightning Speed

The other great thing about A2Hosting is their dedication for speed. These guys really make it happen when it comes to fast websites. And when I say really, I mean really. First they started with Solid State Drives, which is available with all their plans, then added Turbo to their arsenal, which results up to 20X faster hosting experience. And these are real results.

If you want to find out more about A2Hosting make sure you chekc out the source that I gave you but if you have already made your decision just go to A2Hosting.com right away.