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Black Friday Hosting Offers

The 2017 Black Friday and Cyber Monday are on the corner so I wanted to write a short post about the things you should be careful with when you jump into the best deals of the year. Setting up a website is not an issue nowadays but choosing the right web hosting provider is vital. […]

iPage Review

Do you know what uptime is? It’s the opposite of downtime, the time your website is unreachable. It’s the single most important thing of a hosting account. We have recently signed up for an account at iPage and thought I would write a short report/review about that. [wp-review] There is no 100% Uptime At least […]

Inmotion Hosting Review

There are a lot of hosting companies out there, but one stands out. That’s Inmotion. It’s the hosting company I recommend to my friends and colleagues. In this brief review, I will share why I think they are an excellent choice for virtually any size of website. They have a Great Uptime Record Based on […]

Welcome to XtremWeb

Welcome to Xtremweb! This web site provides quality information about web hosting, cloud based services and everything related to online marketing. We’ve just started out, so check back soon. You might be interersted in XtremWeb, which is an open source software to build lightweight Desktop Grid by gathering the unused resources of Desktop Computers (CPU, […]

HTML for the Terminally Impatient

Can’t wait around reading HTML books or waiting for FedEx to rescue your software from that island it washed up on? Well here’s a fast way to get to started. I’ve designed a simple, 2 column template that you can download and use to insert your own information and start learning about HTML. It includes an HTML […]

A Web Host That Will Rock Your Web Presence – A2Hosting

It is very easy to start a website nowadays. It has never been so easy as it is today. We have an abundance when it comes to web hosting companies and related resources – bandwidth, storage space, CPU power. We would think that this really makes the whole process of going online more simple but […]

What is the Purpose of Creating a Website?

Let’s start at the very beginning of building a web page. Why? Why are you expending all of this time, energy and expense to build a web site and put it on the Internet? Obviously, you want other people to see these pages. You are attempting to communicate, through your web pages, a specific message […]

The Ingredients of Effective Writer Websites

Writers should use web sites to: promote themselves, their work or their expertise, promote a specific title, or series, or to make samples available to publishers, editors or authors. Often a writer’s site will cover all three areas by creating different sections within the same site. A writer particularly needs to stay on target with […]

Promotion Steps to Make Before Designing your Website

1. Choose three keyword phrases and about five less important or more highly-focused phrases. Starting with words that you imagine people might ask a search engine for (e.g., the Yellow Pages category you’d be listed under), research what related phrases apply to your business that people actually use with the search engines. Be specific. You […]

Background Checks

Check your backgrounds images at the web host door! Most background images distract and detract, making the web page harder to read and maintain. Don’t use complex, patterned backgrounds that tile across the screen. An actual web site for an actual business. Can you believe it? Notice that the backgrounds for the graphics don’t match […]