Promotion Steps to Make Before Designing your Website

1. Choose three keyword phrases and about five less important or more highly-focused phrases.

Starting with words that you imagine people might ask a search engine for (e.g., the Yellow Pages category you’d be listed under), research what related phrases apply to your business that people actually use with the search engines.

Be specific. You are never going to get to the top of broad categories.

2. Select which of these three phrases you most want to emphasize and use that in your title tag.

Each individual page in the site should have it’s own title emphasizing the material on that page.

The title should be no longer than six words if possible, and the keyword phrase is more important than the name of your company, though it is best to get both into the title. Do not waste words by including: “Inc.”, “Company”, “Co.”, “Ltd.”, “The”, “And”, or other articles and common abbreviations.

If you have room in your title, see if another keyword can fit.

3. Create specific internal pages that discuss each of the keyword phrases you have chosen. Write copy for these pages that give useful information to your target audience. (You and your web site designer should have decided who your target audience is already.)

4. Include a link page and put it in your navigation. You may wish to call it “Resources”. The links page should be organized by topics and, ideally, a brief description as well as a link to the source should be provided.