Web Hosting Hub Review

WebHostingHub Review

Operating out of the US, WebHostingHub is a subsidiary of Inmotion Hosting targeted at small and medium scale business owners. They have been in business since 1995 and specialize in providing hosting solutions through a number of brands to targeted customers. Inmotion brands include Inmotion

Hosting and WebHostingHub, these brands have been created to specifically cater to the needs of personal, small business, eCommerce and VPS websites. In addition to web hosting they provide a platform for partners and advertisers to launch products and services to over 5.2 millions of consenting users.

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Plan and Features

They are the perfectionists in their field and understand their customer’s needs and requirements very well. Take for example the ‘first month free offer’ that sets them apart from the rest as it gives all new customers a lot of time free of cost to setup their online store and get accustomed to the hosting environment and the various features provided. As most of the customers are new to online business and even if some have previous experience the new tools and features that WebHostingHub provides may confuse them, therefore the one month provided free of cost is the most valuable contribution to web hosting by any web host in the past few years.

The basic plan on offer from WebHostingHub is good for small business websites. Comes with unlimited Web Space, Bandwidth, 25 MB File Size, unlimited POP/Webmail Accounts, FTP Access, HTML Editor, no Banner Ads guarantee, Site Builder, Site Templates, 80+ Page Layouts Options, Site Promotion Tools, Gift Certificates, Discount Manager, Product Specific Shipping, Credit Card Processing.

The special features on offer with the basic plan are: secure orders, automatic tax & shipping calculations, automatic customer receipt email, value stats package, page views, unique visitors, popular pages, raw logs, current visitors, top referrers, top search engine, top keywords, time spent on site, return frequency, top paths, top entry pages, top exit pages, page analysis.


WebHostingHub means it when they claim to provide a reliable service to online businesses. They make use of the available best equipments and cloud technologies to host your websites. They have partnered with the best bandwidth providers like AT&T and Cable & Wireless to ensure that they have excess bandwidth in any case. Their servers are collocated in two world class Tier1 data centers which are connected through OC48/OC192 IP backbone, which is known to be the best backbone connectivity technology as of today.

What customers are saying:

WebHostingHub provides everything needed to sell products online and allows merchants to focus on building their business instead of managing their web site. WebHostingHub is our choice for Ecommerce Host of the Year.


WebHostingHub provides a choice between submitting a ticket, live chat area, tutorials and documentation including cPanel video tutorials and textual documentation, coupled with this is web development documentation. All of that finds place in their member area making it really easy for you to get problems solved quickly. Additionally, the support staff is also available via phone and email.


Small business owners is a peculiar segment of customer base that requires the attention of specialists and not just another company that offers hosting for business owners among other services in order to rope in customers just for the sake of it. If you are a budding small business owner or a business owner whose business has suffered in the hands of another one of those hosting companies and have come looking for a specialist web host for your business you don’t have to look beyond WebHostingHub.